Cross Categorical Programs
Each building within our district provides Cross Categorical Special Education Services. The Cross Categorical Program within each building is designed to provide resource support that meets the unique needs of students with varying disabilities. Our district’s special education department strives on creating rigorous instruction that is accessible to students with specialized needs. In addition to resource support, each building provides a specialized instructional program in the area of English Language Arts, Reading, and Mathematics. The ultimate goal of the Illini Bluff’s Special Education Department is to assist with student growth, meet the individual needs of the students, and work towards minimizing the identified deficiencies of the student with a disability.

Early Childhood Special Education Program
The Early Childhood Special Education program is offered in the Elementary School. This program is offered in the morning. The program provides children ages 3-6 with disabilities unique instruction as well as the ability to receive related services. The program meets the needs of students who require additional small group support prior to entering a Kindergarten through 12 program. This program is under the direction of The Special Education Association of Peoria County (SEAPCO). Students are assessed and tested for special education services by a team of professionals. The IEP process is followed when determining if a student requires an IEP and the Early Childhood Special Education Program.  Please note: A child cannot be age 6 when the program starts. The child must turn age 6 after ECSE program has started.

Bright Future Blended Early Childhood Special Education Program
The Bright Future Blended Early Childhood Special Education Program is a Preschool for All Program and is provided through a grant through the Illinois State Board of Education. Illini Bluffs provides a PM class, this class can be made up of 15 students total, 10 Bright Future Students, and 5 students with IEPs. Bright Future provides screenings each summer, to qualify the student must be screened and be determined by Bright Futures to qualify for the program. Further screenings conducted by SEAPCO can determine if a student requires an IEP. The blended program at Illini Bluffs has a lead teacher and a classroom aide.

The Special Education Process