At Illini Bluffs, we take the responsibility of maintaining lines of communication between our district and the public seriously. We strive to communicate accurate and timely news and information in regard to our schools.

IB CUSD #327 District Social Media Disclaimer:
Please note that Illini Bluffs School District reserves the right to remove comments and/or block users on any of its social media sites who post comments which, in the school district’s sole discretion, bully, intimidate, or harass any individual; contain obscenity, nudity or gratuitous violence; are commercial or political solicitations; are factually erroneous, libelous, or wildly off-topic; are from anonymous blog trolls; or that otherwise violate State law, school district policy, or the guidelines of the social media sites.

IB CUSD #327 staff:
Must adhere to the district's official policy on social media and guidelines as developed by the district's communications committee.

IB CUSD #327 students and parents:
Students and parents must review our district's website and social media guidelines during the registration process. 




The logos of Illini Bluffs Unit School District #327 are to be used for all schools and programs associated with the district. They should be used in their original form in all external communications. 

Basic graphic elements reinforce Illini Bluffs' visual identity. When used consistently and cohesively, our official logo, colors, and typefaces help establish and maintain a distinctive brand in print and electronic communications.

Please use the Illini Bluffs logos consistently and proudly.

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